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Do you have the need for adventure in Baton Rouge and are tired of visiting the same old spots for fun things to do, then visit Skydive Baton Rouge! No one in the country offers a more thrilling sky high adventure! Take a step out of the same ol’ same ol’ and get into one of our planes today!

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Tandem Skydiving in Baton Rouge

Initial Jump

The most recommended jump for novice skydivers is the Tandem skydive. It allows for the skydiver to truly embrace all of the sensations the jump entails, while the accompanying instructor assumes all of the responsibility. The instructor jumps with you, literally attached at the hip, and deploys your chute so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Skydiving Training in Baton Rouge

Skydive School

If you have a vested interest in receiving your certification, you’ll need to take the appropriate action in the form of our skydive training course to achieve obtaining it. Our program consists of mastering the principles of a 7 step training course in which you will learn to execute the skydive styles and safety protocols dictated by each step, culminating in you being able to apply for certification from the USPA!

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Skydiving Gifts Baton Rouge

Louisiana Skydiving Gift Ideas

Give the gift of amazement and adventure in one fail swoop when you present your loved ones with the opportunity to skydive courtesy of you. What a way to make an impact on gift giving this year. Whether you know someone who loves to indulge their dare devilish side by engaging in adrenaline packed endeavors or you just don't want to skydive alone, the recipients of your skydive gift certificates are guaranteed to be impressed!

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Skydiving Video Packages Baton Rouge

Skydive Video Packages

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it truly fall? And by the same token, if a person who typically doesn't hurl themselves from planes jumps from one at 4 miles above the ground, did they really do it? If you make the addition of one of our video bundles to your skydive package, there is no way anyone can ever dispute that you put on an epic display of bravery by skydiving!

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We recognize and respect the varying preferences and requirements of individuals stuck with a consistent curiosity and longing for the unprecedented experience that skydiving invariably delivers. We have used this understanding to develop and maintain an adaptable service in terms of equipment, aircrafts, instructor personalities, type of skydive, or even the intensity of the experience. We can schedule suitable aircrafts to accommodate large groups, tailor your freefall and canopy ride to be more mild or wild, even arrange an instructor with a conducive personality. We can even develop a skydive with a focus on highlighting specific aspects of the landscape or landmarks in Baton Rouge like the Louisiana State Capitol, LSU, Tiger Stadium, the Blue Bayou and more. We’ll tailor any preferred aspect of your skydive experience, from the moment you call until you're satisfied with your skydive, to meet your interests and demands.

Skydiving is a sport that millions of people enjoy worldwide each year. It’s no wonder so many people are partaking in such an exhilarating activity as it is now easier than ever before. At Skydive Baton Rouge we take all the worry out of the sport by taking care of everything involved with the jump. This leaves you to sit back and take in the incredible thrills of the sky before pulling the cord to take in the ridiculously beautiful views of the Louisiana Bayou.

Skydiving & Common Aircraft

Skydiving is often thought of as an activity reserved for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. While there’s no denying the thrills involved in taking your first leap, we’d like to clear the air on this common misconception. Per the numbers published by the United States Parachute Association, 500,000 people across the nation skydive annually. With such a large percentage of the population taking the leap each year, saying skydiving is only for adrenaline junkies is a large accusation.

Moreover, with a total of three million jumps made in the United States each year, the risks involved are more perceived than anything.

It is true that skydiving as a sport was popularized by former members of our military. In fact, after serving our country in World War II, many veterans wanted to extend it into an activity that could be enjoyed by all. Throughout the fifties and sixties skydivers had a hard time finding pilots and aircraft to take them up. Many actually just resorted to jumping from standing structures, which lead to the creation of a close relative to skydiving-base jumping. As the sport grew in popularity, people began to see the obvious need for a safe outlet for all of those who wished to partake in the wonderful activity of skydiving.

The USPA was founded in 1946 as the governing body for the sport of skydiving in the United States. The introduction of this national board was an important moment for skydiving as it moved towards becoming a nationally recognized sport. The USPA provides guidance and sets rules in place to keep the sport safe, and oversees its ongoing progression.

Another major moment in the sport of skydiving was the invention of the modern parachute. From the onset the parachutes used were those made by the military, just old relics of World War II. These were round and offered the pilot little in terms of maneuverability. With the activity growing in popularity, there was an obvious need for something with a commercial appeal. In the 1960s Domina Jalbert, a kite maker, saw this need and began working on the first parachutes designed for commercial use. By utilizing design elements often found in kites, Jalbert was able to create a parachute that could be controlled by the pilot.

As the sport gained momentum skydiving centric centers began sprouting up across the United States. These skydiving centers catered to the growing demographic of regular citizens who wanted to seek the thrill of flying. While still a large part of certain units in the military, more skydives are now made from commercial planes than military.

Speaking of aircraft, let’s talk about the type of plane you’ll be exiting from. Besides being perfectly safe (then why would you jump!?), our planes are often classified as light sport aircraft. The Cessna and Otter are two commonly known planes that we use for skydiving adventures.

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